Toy Defense 3 Fantasy TD 1.18 Android Latest APK


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Toy Defense 3: Fantasy features a MAGICAL new world with dashing warriors, fearless archers and elves, crafty goblins, and immersion in a magical atmosphere!

Tournament mode has been added! Get ready to compete in thrilling weekly tournaments. Try to beat your friends and get all the top prizes! Track your Facebook friends’ progress on the map – know what you’re up against!

More than 15 million fans all over the world are playing the Toy Defense franchise! Be the first to discover the third entry in the Toy Defense series, Toy Defense 3: Fantasy! Wage war against hideous goblins and terrifying dragons! Epic battles filled with pure magic are waiting for YOU!

Step into the role of a 10th-century commander and become the equal of Richard the Lionheart! Recruit and train your kingdom’s warriors, elves, wizards, and healers to create a powerful army and destroy the enemy’s forces! Use magic power to defend your castle and show your courage to drive these vile monsters from your lands!


– Immerse yourself in a medieval fantasy atmosphere
– Incredible graphics with an amazingly detailed medieval environment
– Battle evil generals at the end of every wave!
– Invite your friends to join you in a magical world!
– Get ready to compete in thrilling weekly tournaments with your friends!
– Absolutely unique levels with non-recurring gameplay!
– Over nine types of enemies, from trolls and goblins to dragons and mercenaries
– Develop your own unique strategy with six specialized tower power-ups
– Four useful gameplay bonuses: meteorite, recovery, regeneration, and freeze
– Collect all the achievements, test your mettle on the battlefield, and enjoy a lengthy campaign!
– No ads!

Feel the thrill of medieval battles! Perfect the skills of your warriors, build more defensive fortresses, and devise your own strategy to dominate the enemy’s armies! It’s time to rid your lands of evil once and for all!

What’s new in this version : (Updated : Aug 5, 2015)

  • The game is becoming free.
  • Meet the modified Tournament mode! Repel attacks and take your place in the Champions’ League!
  • Bonus offers are still available in the store! Log into the game and get far more gold coins for the same price for 24 hours!
  • Take advantage of the improved performance and stable gameplay!

Toy Defense 3: Fantasy - screenshot

Toy Defense 3: Fantasy - screenshot

Toy Defense 3: Fantasy - screenshot
Toy Defense 3: Fantasy – TD Android Latest APK is Compatible with HTC, Samsung, Sony Xperia, Sony, LG, Huawei, Motorola, Oppo, OnePlus One, Nokia, Google Nexus, Amazon Kindle and other Android Smart Phones / Tablets Running on Android Gingerbread, Android HoneyComb, Android ICS, Android Jelly Bean, Android Kitkat & Android L.

Toy Defense Fantasy
Toy Defense Fantasy
Developer: Melsoft Games
Price: Free+

Download Toy Defense 3: Fantasy – TD Android Latest APK – 70.2 MB