Meter Reader Utility Latest APK 2.1


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The Utility Meter Reader application translates the reading of analog utility meters into digital form which is displayed to the user. The digital reading may also be emailed or downloaded to a utility company.

The majority of utility meters use analog dial displays. These are counter intuitive and difficult to read as the dials alternate clockwise and counter clockwise.

Utility Meter Reader makes it easy to track energy consumption, and even report readings to their utility. It also lets customers validate readings on their bill. To use Utility Meter Reader, the user takes a picture with the camera on his/her device or downloads a picture of the meter. The user places the app frame over the dials and the application displays the reading in digital form.

What’s New in Meter Reader Utility Latest APK
– Allows photo cropping either in camera preview or after image capture
-Bug fixes

Meter Reader Utility Latest APK is Compatible with HTC, Samsung, Sony Xperia, Sony, LG, Huawei, Motorola, Oppo, OnePlus One, Nokia, Google Nexus, Amazon Kindle and other Android Smart Phones / Tablets Running on Android Gingerbread, Android HoneyComb, Android ICS, Android Jelly Bean, Android Kitkat & Android L.

Download Meter Reader Utility Latest APK – 5MB

Meter Reader
Meter Reader