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Media Utilities NOT a music player but a collection of widgets, notifications and tasker plugins that works with you media players. Media Utilities automatically determines your current music application and integrates with it providing seamless integration to simplify your life.

Media Utilities provides over 10 widgets each with a different looks and feel and most of them configurable to your specific tastes. Widgets show track, artist, album and coverart for the current music application no configuration required, seamlessly showing information from Pandora to Spotify in a single widget.
Widget configuration:
– Background color (transparency, gradient)
– Border color
– Border width
– Several button skins to match your personal taste
– Show/Hide buttons based on need
– More all the time

Media Utilities provides both state and action plugins to allow you dream up your own applications without having to deal with figuring out how to control each individual music application.
– State – Is playing whenever music is currently playing
– State – Is Not playing whenever music is paused/stopped
– State – Notify when play state is changed
– State – Notify when any metadata is changed. (play state, track , artist, album)
– State – Notify when track is changed but not when play state changes.
– State – Notify when current music application is changed
– Action – Play/Pause – Simulates play/pause for current music application
– Action – Play – Simulates play for current music application
– Action – Play (Smart) – Simulates the action of a play command without doing a play command for current music application
– Action – Pause– Simulates pause for current music application
– Action – Pause (Smart) – Simulates the action of a pause command without doing a play command for current music application
– Action – Next – Simulates next for current music application
– Action – Previous – Simulates previous for current music application
– Action – Current Media – opens the current music application

Media Utilities provides notification controls that automatically control your current media application.
– Configurable buttons and look and feel
– Automatically shows when a music application starts playing
– Optionally only shown for music applications that don’t already have notification controls for example Pandora.
– Behavior is configurable to match your specific needs

What’s New in Media Utilities Latest APK
>> Latest Version (152)
– 4.4 KitKat support
>> Version (126)
– Crashfix for Google Music
>> Version (116)
– Added Android 4.3 support
– Performance/Stability fixes
– Icons from Black Bear Blanc
>> Version (104)
– Native Support for Zooper, UCCW and minimalistic text.
– Rewrote direct mode from scratch.
– New launch if dead option
>> Version (97)
– Stability fixes
– Added hidden widget support
– Added Vertical alignment to widgets

Media Utilities Latest APK is Compatible with HTC, Samsung, Sony Xperia, Sony, LG, Huawei, Motorola, Oppo, OnePlus One, Nokia, Google Nexus, Amazon Kindle and other Android Smart Phones / Tablets Running on Android Gingerbread, Android HoneyComb, Android ICS, Android Jelly Bean, Android Kitkat & Android L.

Download Media Utilities Latest APK – 2MB


Media Utilities
Media Utilities
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