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This is my first app. I know it is really simple and not that useful, but I still wanted to upload it to get some advices on what I could add or fix!
Here is what it does:
-it tells you if a number is prime
-it finds a number’s divisors
-it tells you the factorial of a number
-it reduces a fraction to its lowest terms
-it finds the greatest common divisor (G.C.D) of the numbers you write
-it solves quadratic equations

I’ll add new features soon!

I am uploading this app for free, so please don’t be rude if you decide to rate it 🙂

What’s New Mathematics Help Utility
-errors handling (try,… catch)
-quadratic equations
-english, italian, french
-renamed sth
-keyboard hides when you touch “done”
-textview with result moved below input edittext
-action bar instead of old “menu” button, deprecated in android ICS, JB etc.
-added help!
-added German!
-compatible with 7″ tablets!
What I hope to add in the future:
-improve the “quadratic equations” function
-better layout
-new functions
-… you’ll see! 😀

Mathematics Help Utility Latest APK is Compatible with HTC, Samsung, Sony Xperia, Sony, LG, Huawei, Motorola, Oppo, OnePlus One, Nokia, Google Nexus, Amazon Kindle and other Android Smart Phones / Tablets Running on Android Gingerbread, Android HoneyComb, Android ICS, Android Jelly Bean, Android Kitkat & Android L.

Download Mathematics Help Utility Latest APK – 226KB

Mathematics Help
Mathematics Help