How To Flash TWRP Recovery On Any Samsung Android Device?


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Note: If your Android device is already rooted, you don’t need to follow the following procedure, simply install TWRP Manager from Google Play Store and it will flash the TWRP Touch recovery on your android device.

If you need drivers to connect your phone to your computer, you can download the Samsung drivers here. This is official Samsung_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones_v1.5.14.0

1Download the TWRP Recovery For Any Samsung Device – Do not extract the files. Search for your device model and download the TWRP recovery archive file.

2Download Odin 3.07 and extract the files

– Double click the Odin3 v3.07 exe file to start Odin. Auto Reboot should be selected by default. If not, select it and only select Auto Reboot. Make sure re-partition is not selected.

4 – Power off your phone. Then hold the power button and volume down until you see the warning screen.

5 – Press volume up to get to download mode

6 – Now connect your phone to the computer with usb data cable. You will see the com port light up when Odin recognizes your phone. Press the PDA button, browse to the TWRP Recovery Archive file and select it.

7 – Press Start. Odin will install TWRP Recovery Archive file. When it is finished you will see a green PASS in the top left and your phone will reboot.

To install your TWRP custom recovery, just repeat the same process but use the TWRP tar. To get to your new recovery, Power off, hold the power button and the up volume. Let go of the buttons when you see the small blue text in the upper left of your screen. TWRP recovery will look like this.

If it still goes to the stock recovery instead of TWRP. Try installing TWRP again with Odin but this time uncheck auto-reboot. When you see the Green Pass and you’re sure Odin is done, unplug the USB cable and pull out your battery. Put the battery back in and reboot. You should be able to get to TWRP now.

After you are rooted, go back to TWRP and select backup. Make a nandroid backup of your rooted stock rom. If you ever have a problem after installing a custom rom, or just don’t like it, you can restore this backup, or a more recent one you may have made. Do not forget to do this! A nandroid backup may save your life someday and it makes baby kittens smile.

Be warned! Backups on this phone can be very large. Mine was 3.2 gig. Make sure you select your external sd card for the backup location.